System and Network Integration for Hybrid Platform

Business-driven Infrastructure managed services


Jarvisden Managed Infrastructure Services consists of a comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage an Enterprise’s distributed and Hybrid IT environment with an all in one exclusive solution. We have a proven transition process which helps to ensure a smooth start of systems support services and keeping criticality of operations in mind to ensure minimal impact for operations and service levels.

Ad-hoc Consulting


We are reachable 24//7/365 to uphold us for innovative and cost-effective solutions curated by a team of experts, promising transparency and reliability.
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Jarvisden’s Infrastructure Managed services can add critical value to your organisation by helping you devise your IT strategy and implement it. We can help with its Consulting and Professional Services for your data centre, private, public and hybrid cloud.



Data centre relocation is not a job for packers and movers. Relocation of data centres requires in-depth expertise in IT infrastructure coupled with expertise and experience in the management of complex projects. 

We follow a structured methodology to data centre relocation:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis and Planning
  • Implementation


Installation-VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing)

Your wireless infrastructure is audited for security vulnerabilities to assess the security effectiveness of your wireless network. Explore vulnerabilities in your internal and external IT infrastructure and exploit them. This exercise gives you a good picture of the vulnerabilities in your IT components that have to be fixed on securing your network and computing assets.


Why might your business consider outsourcing IMS and what are the benefits?

In addition to simplifying making, reducing cost and improving reporting, an IMS can:

  • Provide a rapid response to any IT-related crisis

  • Proactively manage devices and networks in an agile and adaptable way

  • Monitor service performance, detecting when service dips below the required standard

  • Identify threats to your network, responding promptly to mitigate their impact

  • Streamline your business’ day-to-day functions and operations to free-up your in-house IT team to focus more on your business’ overall strategy

  • Reduce downtime by carrying out repairs more quickly

  • Contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and business performance