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Data Centre Solutions

Highly optimized and reliable technology solutions


Our IT Installation Services ensure that your technologies are implemented efficiently and effectively—the first time. We have the knowledge, experience, and certifications to install and implement nearly every solution we sell.


Data Center relocation is not a job for packers and movers. Relocation of data centres requires in-depth expertise in IT infrastructure coupled with expertise and experience in the management of complex projects. 

We follow a structured methodology to data centre relocation:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis and Planning
  • Implementation
Backup Solution

Jarvisden provides backup with a secure and one-click backup solution that is scalable based on your backup storage needs. The centralised management interface makes it easy to define backup policies and protect a wide range of enterprise workloads.


We will help you reduce IT costs and increase control through virtualisation. Jarvisden is a technology expert in the design and implementation of Virtualization. We have experience  virtualising every element of the data centre: servers, network, security and storage.


Jarvisden is a very experienced and skilled provider of electrical distribution solutions, power conditioning solutions, and data centre cooling solutions. We have the expertise, breadth of solutions, and a wide range of services to provide you with uninterrupted power and cooling solutions, maximising your IT infrastructure uptime.

IT Security

No matter where your data resides or moves, we will secure it. We have the technology and process required to protect your IT from an ever-increasing array of threats. We provide a security platform that surrounds and protects your entire architecture — core, cloud, and edge — to thwart attackers and mitigate threats wherever they emerge.

Disaster Recovery Setup

Jarvisden helps recover critical IT business processes and data to support business resiliency. It also provides comprehensive disaster recovery services, including health monitoring and continuous replication of applications, infrastructure, data and cloud systems.

Business Continuity Process

Business continuity process to enhance the protection of business operations and critical data, or to improve the way of business responds to threats, especially cyber-attacks, there’s never been a better time to review and realign your IT resilience program. Taking the necessary measures today can help ensure that any future incident won’t have a devastating effect on your business.